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Sun Valley, CA: C. A. R. E. N. A. Publishing Company, 1982.

While most of the copies of this highly controversial printing were
numbered, a few were not. The main reason, as it has been related to
me, is that some of the very first books to arrive were made available
to people closely involved in the distribution. This particular copy
is reported to have been removed from the very first box opened. One
of Jimmy K.'s sponsees asked if he could purchase one before they
were opened and numbered-I'm told that several folks had their copies
signed by members of the fellowship who were present at the time-but
this particular addict had an interest in both the history of NA, and
in books as a means of preserving that history. Consequently, this
book has been safely locked away since it was removed from the box; it
has never been fully opened.

Often referred to as the "Red Book", and generally known as the "Basic
Text", this edition was a departure from the fellowship-wide approval
sought for previous literature in Narcotics Anonymous. In November
1982 the original 4th and 9th Traditions were reportedly changed by a
meeting of three people, the Chairperson of the BOT, the Conference
Chair and the manager of the WSO. The altered version was then printed
around March 1983 (with the 1982 date). This altered version is the
First Edition; the first printing is reported to have consisted of
approximately 2500 in the gift edition binding, followed by a printing
in the regular hard board binding. Later, another edition with the
changes pasted back in circulated, a very small edition of perhaps a
few hundred. That edition is referred to as the "Blue Book", and is
quite difficult to find.

I won't go into the whole affair here-if you know anything about this
book, you know what an uproar it created already. However, I will say
that each edition stands as a testament to the determination of this
group of people to make this simple program work.

Original red leather gift edition binding with "It Works" in gilt on
front cover; ix + 206 p.; 22 cm; ISBN 0-912075-00-7. There is a
binding flaw to the upper board; upon measurement of a scan of the
book, the upper board reflects a difference of almost .5cm (that's œ
cm) less than the rear board in height, which is obvious when
attempting to stand the book on its spine, but not as obvious on
casual inspection. Still a Fine copy, but with a binding flaw fairly
common to this edition.              $2700.00


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